Welcome to “Strathcona Ventures” formally known as “Strathcona Animal Bedding”

We have outgrown our name thanks to you! We are no longer just a premium shavings company but a company specializing in premium quality products for the Equine and Livestock industry; all products and services we offer undergo a vigorous testing on our own farm and by selected auditing clients. 


Our quality products and services include:

Kentucky Komfort Platinum Shavings

Kentucky Komfort

 Two Deck Screener with Air Vacuum Our two deck screener ensures that only the best shavings get into our 4:1 compressed bags. While the pine shavings are being screened we are also vacuuming them to get rid of all dust.

4:1 Compression Our Kentucky Komfort Platinum pine shavings are compressed up to 4:1 so you get more value per bag, and more in every truck!

Standard Rain Caps Our pallets are packed with quality in mind; wrapped and then a cap is placed on the top of the stack to ensure your shavings arrive with no weather damage and can be stored outside confidently.


Whoa Dust – Arena Dust Control

WHOA Dust Arena Dust ControlWhoa Dust simply charges the neutrally charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state  (flocculation). Once charged the dust will be pulled down and no longer be suspended in the air.

Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by minimum of 50%  (Customer average 75%). In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be increased; footing will provide a more supportive and desirable texture and feel for you and your horse

WHOA dust can be used with almost all footings including: Nike Rubber, geotextile (GGT footing),  Silica Sand, screened or washed Sand, Clay-Sand mixture, and Organic footing.


Aegis Microbe Shield®

aegis_micro_shield_logoThis Antibacterial / Mold (AEGIS) product is effective on nearly any surface, including wood, rubber, metal, plastic, masonry, drywall, glass and more ! The list of applications is truly endless.  If you feel you have a use for our product but don’t see your use below, contact us and we will be able to inform you whether or not our product is right for your application! 



Equimat Stall Mats

Livestock Satll mats

Equimats originate from the UK, they were initially designed for dairy barns.

The design originates from customer needs and wants; and directed engineers to go with a foam that is impregnated with rubber. The foam component makes them light-weight, and comfortable. The rubber component makes them durable and bio-secure. Each mat weighs approximately 31Lbs. They will never absorb urine or any other fluids- this ensures they are clean, safe and stay light-weight.



Nag Bag Feed Bags

Nag Bag

N.A.G. Bags are made with netting that is custom-produced in Canada to meet Canada’s strict standards. The netting is developed with your horse’s safety as the first priority; knot-less and seamless. The net is 1/4 inch wide to avoid tooth and lip damage and to provide the optimal size for hay net grazing. There are no knots (bent fibre strands) to weaken the netting, and no stitched or sewn seams to work loose and become a hazard. There is no excess hardware to fail and the closing cords are chosen to be the safest on the market. Unlike white or black netting, N.A.G. Bags netting is green and UV treated to high Canadian standards.


Equicrown Compression Bandages 


EquiCrown®’s unique equine compression wraps (Equifit®), and custom medical compression bandages (EquiCrown® MED) are designed for a perfect anatomical fit and precisely defined compression from the hoof up. The compression and massage effect on the horse’s legs stimulate faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and removal of unwanted toxins, contributing to a faster recovery of the horse’s legs.

These breathable and durable bandages are available as standard pairs (EquiFit®) for front and hind legs, or as a custom-made single bandage for specific cases (EquiCrown® MED).


Sirocco Stall and Kennel Deoterizer


Sirocco is a bedding conditioner formulated from a combination of mineral absorbents (clay), vegetal (vegetable oil) compounds and essential oils that provides an effective sanitation of stalls, outdoor shelters, paddocks and trailers. It is specially formulated to keep bedding dry by absorbing urine and moisture; Sirocco hinders conversion of urine and manure to ammonia and nitrogen gases, reducing fermentation and heat generation, and development of unpleasant and irritating odors. The essential oils in Sirocco sanitize the air and repel insects.

Sirocco is the perfect answer to hygiene and odor challenges within stables and other confined areas, and helps to extend the life expectancy of animal bedding; pellets, shavings, straw, kitty litter, rabbit hutches, poultry houses, and many more.  Barns and operations that are using Sirocco save 30% on bedding material.


All products carried by Strathcona Ventures are available throughout Western Canada with national and international shipping available through a network of dealers and logistic contractors, no location is unreachable.

With our dealers we have a combined 250 years of Ranching and Farming experience. We  strive to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for you to ask questions and give us feed back on our quality products.

 “Striving to provide the best possible prices with great service.”