About Strathcona Animal Bedding

 The Name

The name, Strathcona Animal Bedding comes from our first location and main office in the County of Strathcona, Alberta, Canada.

The Owners Principles

The principles, Alex and Donna breed and train Peruvian Paso horses, and collectively have over 35 years experience with horses – Arab, Quarter and now Peruvians. Both volunteer with physically and/or learning challenged children, teaching them horsemanship and stable management.  The ranch is also a Green Certificate Agricultural Training site for Equine Technicians, a Canada/Alberta government program.

Our Passion for Horses is Our Mission

We started out our business with the firm belief that clean, dry and dust-free bedding was as important to equine and other animal health as good nutrition, exercise and positive human interaction.  We had become dissatisfied with the inconsistent quality of bagged and bulk bedding. Not only were costs escalating, but sometimes we found large wood splinters in the bagged bedding, or the bulk shavings were damp and hard to store, and there was always a lot of dust in the product.

We tested Kentucky Komfort-Platinum Shavings in our own barn and were so impressed with the product (as were our friends) that we began to sell it through a dealer network who have solid horse experience. Our dealers sell Kentucky Komfort Platinum shavings as part of their farm business. This keeps the overhead down – and you the consumer – benefits from the savings.

As our family of clients grows – so do their requests for additional high quality barn and equine products. As a result, we have expanded to handle WHOA Dust, N.A.G. Bags, MDP Shavings and barn/arena consulting in addition to Kentucky Komfort Platinum Shavings.

Contact one of our dealers today and find out the advantages of using Kentucky Komfort Platinum Shavings, WHOA Dust, MDFP Shavings or N.A.G. Bags. For large orders of 1,000 bags or more – call our office 780-464-0485 or email us: info@strathconaventures.com