Kentucky Komfort Shavings

Pine Shavings For Horse Bedding

Kentucky Komfort Pine Shavings for horse bedding are manufactured in a quality Pine mill operating a molder. This ensures our bedding is:

  • 100% Premium quality Pine – No recycled or scrap materials are used in manufacturing.
  • Soft flake bedding – NO chips or splinters.
  • Dust Free – Is kiln-dried twice, 100% dust vacuumed and essentially dust-free.
  • A thinner flake, optimizing shifting while cleaning, maximizing efficiency.
  • Fluffier and more absorbent compared to non-molded flake.
  • Has terpenes present that are Mother Nature’s ‘naturally found’ anti-microbials which help control insects.
  • Break down and absorbs ammonia and nitrogen from barn waste faster and more effectively than other species of wood shavings.
  • Easier to compress making it possible for our 3 cubic foot bag to expand to 11 cubic feet.

General Information:

A computer-controlled automatic bagger compresses and vacuum seals product into a 3.0 cubic foot UV protected white poly bag. Each bag of shavings expands to a minimum of 11 cubic feet providing more shavings per bag than other bagged products on the market!  The shavings are ultra dry, clean and absorbent.  This product is chemical free.

Why Use Kentucky Komfort Platinum Pine Shavings?

  • Pine reduces Ammonia in your barn, no more smell.
  • Thinner flake lasts longer and absorbs more waste– shavings are easily sifted leaving the good material.
  • Packaging maximizes efficiency – grab 4 bags at a time instead of wheel-barrowing the dusty pile over and over into your barn.
  • No more shavings shelters or tarps needed, store Kentucky Komfort outside in the elements with confidence.
  • Ability to accurately calculate your bedding amounts and costs for the year, no longer just guessing how much material was in bulk saw dust truck.
  • Labor is drastically reduced by increasing efficiency when cleaning, reducing dust clean up, and time when bedding.

Pricing of Kentucky Komfort Platinum Pine Shavings:

  • $6.00 for purchases under one pallet of 54 bags
  • $5.50 for purchases of  under 4 pallets (216 bags)
  • $5.00 for purchases of 4 or more pallets (216+ bags)
  • Commercial pricing for orders of 1080 or 1188 bags.

Do you use bulk shavings?

Contact us for competitive pricing on bags vs. loose bulk shavings.  On average we can provide bedding at $0.07 per cubic foot less then messy bulk-loose shavings.

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