Manning Diversified Forest Products

MDFP bagged shavings are our Gold quality shaving:

  • MDFP is ideal for horse, cattle and swine shows, or
  • Large scale poultry, bovine or swine barns
  • White Spruce and Pine wood shaving – NO recycled products or tainted wood
  • A thick large flake
  • 3 cubic foot packaging expanding to 8-9 cubic feet when fluffed
  • 40 bags per pallet

Why Choose MDFP for your next show?

  • Quality bedding at a great price
  • Small packaging makes handling easier
  • Well packaged and wrapped pallets reduce wastage
  • Pine wood present in MDFP will reduce ammonia in your facility

Pricing on MDFP:

  • $5.00 for purchases of quantities under a 40 bag pallet
  • $4.70 for purchases of quantities over pallet (40+ bags)
  • $4.10 for purchases of quantities over 2 pallets (80+ bags)
Contact us for bulk load purchases.
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